Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something to think about

Hey guys. I wanted to pass along this article and youtube video that I came across today. It's something that I've thought about for a few years now and am glad to see that there's someone is actually motivated enough to do something about! Maybe next year we should get on board with something like this as a church. It's not too late for our families to adjust some thinking for this year!

Advent Conspiracy

Youtube Promo

Hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys the days off with your families.

During the next few weeks we have a few things going on-
First- the Youthreach Christmas Party @ Mike and Nancy Decamp's house is this Sunday (the 20th). Food is free. Students are asked to bring a $5 or less fun gift for to play "Dirty Santa".

Second- The boys are taking a road trip over New Years. If your family doesn't have anything going on and/or you'd just like to get your guy out of your hair for a couple of days send with me! I'm mailing out more info to the guys today. Make sure you check out the flier. I hope this will be a good chance to get the high school and middle school guys bonding a little more.

Third- We will be off of SNL on Dec. 27th and Jan. 3rd.

Forth- on Sunday, Jan 10th, we are going to have a family worship time that evening to kick off our new year, let you know about some new stuff for 2010, and dedicate the year through prayer and praise. More info. will come soon, but just wanted to give you head's up to go on and mark your calendars!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Alright, we're going to try updating some info here!

As I told you guys, I'm horrible with trying to get into a consistent habit of doing things online. But, I really want to try. So, I thought that we'd start with something easy like information about upcoming events that I'd really like to see as many teens as possible get involved with.

First up- This Sunday is Rake-n-Run (Nov. 15)
What you need to know- we'll eat lunch at church following worship. One of the life groups is preparing and cleaning up the meal for us. We'd like to have the teens bring $3 to help pay for the food. Each student should bring a rake (and maybe an extra if you have one) and his/her own gloves. We'll rake after lunch and return to the building about 4:00.

Next- "Stay Treat" (Nov. 20-21).
Here's the scoop- I think this is going to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity for our kids to worship in some unique ways without having to leave Indianapolis or spend lots and lots of money.

Cost- $20 (will cover everything except for a fast food lunch on Saturday).

6:30 PM Friday- Meet up @ Teen Center
That evening we're going to go play games and hang out at Jillian's downtown and then return to the church about 9:30 for worship to focus for the rest of the weekend.

10:30- Go to host home (split up in groups of 5-8) and have some small group time, fellowship, and sleep.

10:00 AM Saturday- Meet at the building for a day of worship, fellowship, and some play.
8:00 PM- Show videos that the teens will have made Saturday morning...which I'd encourage you to come be a part of.
8:30 PM- Wrap up and head home.

Let me know if you have any questions, but I hope you'll really encourage your teen(s) to participate!!! Even if they can't come to the whole thing, I hope they'll come to as much as possible.

Winterfest sign-ups.
Our early bird sign-up is through November 29th. Cost until that date is $100. We have fliers available in the Teen Center with more information specific for our group.

check out for more info on what Winterfest is all about.

Liability Forms!

We really need to get liability forms turned in with all the activities coming up. I have several teens that I don't have on file. It only takes a minute and it protects your teen in case of emergency.

Here a link to a printable form: Medical Liability Form.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting Started!

Hey there guys! I'm excited about getting this blog going. I hope that it will help with better communication for what's going on with the Youth Reach and your teens!

Please be patient with me as I learn how to most effectively. I've never really gotten into doing online stuff, but it can be such a powerful tool that we need to utilize to keep in touch.