Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly "Commit Scripture"

I hope that some of you guys memorized and meditated on Romans 12:1-2 last week. Greg rewarded those you that did by preaching on it Sunday morning. It's so cool when the preacher talks about something that you already know so that you can sleep through the sermon! Ha.

I really hope that as we encourage our teens (and families) to recommit to the Scripture this year as part of our theme of "Renew" that you will keep your teen on task to and have some conversations with them about this weekly meditative scriptures. It's and awesome opportunity to have some time as a family to chew on a small morsel of scripture, and then digest it together while it fills you and makes you stronger!

This week's passage is Proverbs 4:23-25. Make sure to read the context, as it comes from a great Proverb about the power of learning following God's wisdom.

Each Monday I will put the scripture on the blog. Hope that you will come check it out and then make some comments about that passage. Let's be renewed with each other as we walk through 2010!

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